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Kaushik Phanindra & Associates
Chartered Accountants
  • Audit & Assurance

    By applying our audit approach and methodology to our clients, we deliver a partner-led planning process that enhances risk identification and assessment and promotes an appropriate response in controls testing and substantive procedures.
  • Financial Management

    “Financial responsibility is a mindset before it is an action. Therefore, if you can change a mindset, the actions follow almost naturally"

Who are we ?

"Team of Young & Passionate Chartered Accountants with unique skill sets but a common goal."

Building a brighter tomorrow—today

Budgets & Forecast

A business without a budget or forecast is similar to a horse running a race with its eye's tied up. Budgets and Forecast are the path defined for the company to achieve its goal over a period of time.

Cost Management

Increase in sales does not indicate necessarily indicate growth in profits, but by curtailing its cost in an effective manner without compromising on the quality of its product / service certainly does.

Financial Management

A well managed financial business indicates the path in which the company is travelling, allowing the business owners to stop, look back, and proceed with their decisions for future. 


A business without a proper system of book-keeping is like a man trying to swim in middle of ocean with no means to get the right direction to swim and reach shore.

Tax & Legal

Tax is the way in which the business entity contributes a portion of its profits / sales towards the growth of the economy in which it operates. Legal department ensure the entity is in compliance with all norms of the economy in which it operates. 

Transfer Pricing

When you operate in more than one economy, it is a ethical practice to contribute towards growth of all the economies in which you operate. Transfer Pricing makes sure that the business entity contributes a fair portion of its profits to all the economies in which the business entity operates,  rather than benefiting one economy. 

Audit & Assurance

Audit is a view provided by a set of independent professionals on the day to day financial affairs of the company. It gives Assurance to the owners of the business entity about its financial performance. 

International Taxation

Having  business in more than one economy, mandates the business entity to pay tax in all the economies. International tax laws would ease the tax liability of the business entity with its various treaties between two or more economies, and thus avoiding double taxation of the profits earned by an entity.

What we do

We provide tailor made solutions for all our customers which would suit them the best. Everything we do is aimed at creating ethical and hazard-less environment for the business entity to give its best results.

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Partner - Chennai

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Partner - Hyderabad